Send Bulk SMS messages to over 700 networks in more than 198 countries and all GSM and CDMA networks in Nigeria and with the opportunity of reaching 750 networks in the future!

Messaging can transform the way organisations communicate with members, customers, and suppliers, church members; student groups can easily communicate important information or reminders quickly.

Gone are the days when you have to email or call your constituency. BULK SMS IS THE ANSWER!

  • Obama won the presidential election using social media, you can too.
  • Get your message out and fast!
    • Fund Raising Events
    • Emergency Alerts
    • Daily spiritual inspirations

SMS can now be sent in different ways either as WAP Push, Flash message or Template message. The implication is that your communication with friends, customers, colleagues, employees, religions groups and family members is more personal and direct while achieving profitable and amazing results, that you can actualize via i-SMS...

i-SMS is the best and cheapest bulk SMS provider in developed countries and now in developing countries like Nigeria

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